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Huseyin Celil
Husein Dzhelil standing in front of the Canadian Parliament buildings, Ottawa, Ontario, May2005.
East Turkistan map
East Turkistan map (also known as Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region)

Dear Friends,

UCS is extending its congratulations on the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the East Turkistan Republic in 1933. Below is the short historical summary and photos

East Turkistan Islamic Republic

Capital - Kashgar, Language - Uyhur, Religion - Sunni Islam, Government - Islamic Republic, President - 1933-1934 Khoja Niyaz, 1933-1934 - Sabit Damulla Abdulbaki. Emir 1933- Muhammad Amin Bughra, 1933-1934 - Abdullah Bughra, 1933-1934 - Nur Ahmad Jan Bughra. Established 12 November 1933, disestablished 1934. Currency Copper (Pul), silver (tanga), gold (tilla), coint minted in Kashgar in 1933.

East Turkistan Flag

Establishment of East Turkistan Islamic Republic

Leader of ETIR

Army officers of ETIR

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