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The Human Rights Challenge for Ethnic Minorities in China:
Examples from Eastern Turkestan, Mongolia, and Tibet
29 October 2013 

The Uyghurs, Tibetans and Mongolians - have maintained a decades-long struggle for increased autonomy or political control over their territories and cultural traditions, and efforts by the Government of China to limit and control these struggles have resulted in wide-ranging human rights violations. How will a continued deterioration of the human rights situation affect stability in the region?  What strategies will encourage a responsive dialogue with China? Representatives from Eastern Turkestan, Mongolia, Tibet, and Amnesty International Canada will provide their insights:
Kayum Masinov --- President of the Uyghur Canadian Society
Alex Neve --- Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada
Enghebatu Togochog --- Director of the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center
Tashi Wangdi  --- Member of the Tibetan Government task force for negotiations with the Government of China

This webinar discussion is co-sponsored by Amnesty International Canada, Canada Tibet Committee, Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, and Uyghur Canadian Society with the collaboration of the Asia-Pacific Working Group.

Past Events:
2013 03 18   UCS is inviting all friends for a joint CHINA HUMAN RIGHT's Coalition events entitled "Human Rights and Canada-China Relations".

UCS is hoping to see diaspora members and all friends to turn up in a big number as the importance of this meeting cannot be overestimated.

Timing and place indicated as per attached. Many thanks in advance.

*see event pictures*

2013 03 03   UCS is happy to announce "Navruz" New Year Celebrations for Montreal community will take place on March 24th (Sunday) between 17 and 22 pm at 6767 chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, Montréal, Québec, H3S2T6, Grande Salle 103 (closest Metro is Cote des Neiges). All families are welcome, feel free to dress in our national costumes.
2013 02 07   UCS President meet with below MPs on February 6th in Ottawa
2012 09 08   Internet Security Seminar on September 8th 2012
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2009 07 08   Calgary'da Uyghurlar Urimqi Qirghinchiligini protest qildi.
2009 07 08   Torontoda Xitay Counsulati Aldida Xitaylarnming Uyghurlarni, Xitay hokumeti bilen birliship xalighanche qirghin qilishigha qarshi namayish:
2009 07 03   Torontoda Xitaylarnming Uyghurlarni, Xitay hokumeti bilen birliship xalighanche qirghin qilishigha qarshi namayish:
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2008 09 11   Uyghur Canada Jemiyitining reisi Rukiye Turdush Turkiyening Canadada turushluq bash elchisi Rafet Akungay bilen korushti.
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