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Huseyin Celil
Husein Dzhelil standing in front of the Canadian Parliament buildings, Ottawa, Ontario, May2005.
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Uyghur Canadians protest G20 summit:
Chinese president Hu Jin tao is not eligible to serve as one of the world leader discuss global issues at G20 summit
Top economic and political leaders of the world will discuss global financial economic crisis and environmental issues at Toronto G20 summit and Chinese president Hujintao one of the leader who attend summit to take important decisions. Uyghur Canadians do not believe China’s honest move at the summit and protest Hu’s ineligibility of dealing with global political, economic and environmental crisis since he failed to address the root cause of ethnic clash in East Turkistan and deal with political, economic and environmental crisis in East Turkistan.
Where: Toronto. The end of the Quens Park
When: Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 11 am

Since Chinese government invaded in East Turkistan in 1949, implemented gradual and systematic ethnic cleansing policy against the Uyghurs, poured millions of Han Chinese into East Turkistan every year destroyed Uyghurs economy, destroyed Uyghurs cultural, political and social life. Each Uyghurs uprising against the Chinese colonial regime were violently crackdown by the Chinese government. Arrest torture and execution is continuing until today with the excuse of security and stabilization in East Turkistan. China is arbitrary exploiting rich natural resources of the region despite the huge ecological damage that can effect global environment. Uyghur Canadians protest G20 summit demand Hu jin tao to deal with political, economic and environmental crisis first before dealing with global crisis.
What is the Hu’s agenda in East Turkistan? Since last year’s ethnic clash in the region what changes Hu brought to the region? Why Uyghurs think Hu could not addressed the root cause of ethnic clash in the region and has no eligibility to deal with global crisis in a positive way in the interest of world population? To find out more please show up at the protest on Saturday in June 26 between 11 am to 3 pm at Quens park.
The Uyghur Canadian Society is to encourage and increase the opportunities for promoting friendship and understanding among the Uyghur people and other ethnicity or other cultural groups in Canada provide them accurate knowledge about political history of Uyghur people in East Turkistan, their culture, art and music and human rights conditions, current situation of Uyghur people in East Turkistan that oppressed by the Chinese government.
Contact: Uyghur Canadian Society (647) 210 0709
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2009 10 01   Uyghur Canadians protested against the China’s celebration of 60th anniversary of PRC in East Turkistan.
2009 07 18   Canadaning Toronto shehiride Uyghurlar yene keng kolemlik namayish qildi
2009 07 10   Toronto ve Montrealdiki Uyghurlar topliship Ottawa shehirige berip parlament binasi aldida namayish qildi.
2009 07 08   Vancouver Canada'da Uyghurlar Urumqi Qirghinchiliqini Protest Qildi.
2009 07 08   Calgary'da Uyghurlar Urimqi Qirghinchiligini protest qildi.
2009 07 08   Torontoda Xitay Counsulati Aldida Xitaylarnming Uyghurlarni, Xitay hokumeti bilen birliship xalighanche qirghin qilishigha qarshi namayish:
2009 07 03   Torontoda Xitaylarnming Uyghurlarni, Xitay hokumeti bilen birliship xalighanche qirghin qilishigha qarshi namayish:
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2008 12 30   Mississauga da Yengi Yil Kechiligi
2008 12 10   Insani heqqingizni telep qiling!
2008 11 27   Kanada Albérta shitatida Sherqi Türkistan we Uyghurlar Tunushturuldi.
2008 09 11   Uyghur Canada Jemiyitining reisi Rukiye Turdush Turkiyening Canadada turushluq bash elchisi Rafet Akungay bilen korushti.
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